8 Must Do garden Jobs This November

8 Must Do Garden Jobs This November

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November can often be a sad time for us gardeners, the season is truly coming to a close now and the dark evenings and cold nights have definitely started to arrive.

It can feel like there isn’t much to do in the garden apart from waiting for spring. But I’m here to tell you that there is still plenty you could be doing in the garden. So get out there and enjoy it, even if it is a bit grey and damp!

8 Must Do Garden jobs This November (1)
8 Must Do Garden jobs This November

Sow Green Manure

Green manure is a great way to revitalise any garden bed and make sure it is packed full of nutrients for next year. There are lots of autumn sowing green manures that are ideal for sowing right now, so there are no excuses.

The helpful plants grow over winter and help improve your soil before being chopped back and left or dug into your soil. This works as manure, but one that you grow, hence the name green manure.

If you are not sure what green manure to grow then just get a mixed packet and broadcast sow it all over your beds, then simply let it grow. It’s really that simple. Thats what I did and now my seedlings are just starting to appear after only a few days.

Green Manure Seedlings
My Green Manure Seedlings
Sow Now!
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Plant Garlic

Now is the perfect time to get some garlic planted for harvesting next year. if you are not sure how to plant garlic then find my guide here.

Sow Garlic
Plant Garlic

If you have left it late to buy your garlic then don’t panic, you can buy it off Amazon with next-day delivery. That is exactly where I got the garlic above!

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Plant Onions

As with the garlic above, now is also a great time to plant some onion sets.

This is really easy to do, just make a hole in the soil using a dibber or stick and then pop your onion sets in and cover them up. They should start to grow and a green shoot will appear in a couple of weeks.

Green Shoots
Green Shoots

As with the garlic above if you haven’t got any onion sets to plant then you can get some on Amazon with next-day delivery.

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Make Leaf Mould

Now that leaves are really starting to fall it is the perfect time to get making some leaf mould. If you have never used leaf mould before then let me just tell you, it is one of the best things you can add to your soil, it is just packed full of goodness.

Now how you make your leaf mould depends on the leaves that you gather, some, such as oak or beech leaves will break down very easily and can just be used as is. Whereas others like walnut and horse chestnut are harder to break down and should be shredded first.

If you don’t know what type of leaf you have on the ground around you then give it a little shred before starting, just to be sure.

Once your leaves are ready then all you have to do is place them in a thick black bin bag, add a little water and then tie the bag up. It is a good idea to make a few small holes in the bag.

You then want to put them someplace out of sight, I like to put mine down the side of the shed and then simply leave them for one or two years, it’s really that simple.

Plant Spring Bulbs

November is a great time to plant some spring bulbs for flowering early next year. So if you want some daffodils or tulips in the garden next spring then get them in the ground now.

Sow Peas

Overwintered peas are a great way of getting a head start on your harvest and having delicious peas earlier than ever next year.

Peas are tough plants and will survive over winter if given a little protection such as a greenhouse or coldframe. Simply sow your seeds into small pots and then just keep the plants undercover before planting outside in spring.

These peas will flower and crop much earlier than normal, meaning you can extend your pea season.

Get Composting

With all of that dead plant growth that needs to be removed November is the perfect time to really get your compost heap piled up high!

If you don’t have the time to worry about proper composting then don’t worry, just chuck everything into one big pile and it will turn to compost, it will just be slower than more involved composting methods.

Sow Some Flowers

You can also have an eye towards next year and get some flowers started.

There are lots of perennials that can be sown in November but some of the more popular are, Alliums (from seed), Red Valerian, Foxgloves, Crocosmia, and Achillea. You actually don’t want to overprotect these seeds so don’t put them in a heated greenhouse.

This is because the seeds need a period of cold in order to be triggered into life, so just pop them in a greenhouse or coldframe. It may take a while for shoots to appear, so don’t throw them away!

You can also sow sweet peas now for a really early bloom next year!

Sweet Peas Growing on Chicken Wire
Sweet Peas Growing on Chicken Wire

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