Can you use Rose Clear on Strawberries?

If you have some Rose Clear lying around you may well be wondering what other plants you can use it on. For example, if you see something munching on your strawberries you may well be wondering can you use rose clear on strawberries? Let's have a look and find out.Can You Use Rose Clear on ...

6 Easy Fruits to Grow in the Garden

Do you want to add some fruit to your garden but want to start off the easy way? No problem, I have created this quick guide to some of the easiest fruits you can grow in your garden right here in the UK.Many people can be put off growing fruits at home and instead tend to stick to ...

Growing Dragon Fruit in the UK

I have decided to go on a bit of a horticultural adventure and see if I can grow Dragon Fruit right here in Blighty. I have no idea how these plants will fare, and I feel I will probably end up having to grow them indoors. But let's see how we get on!Dragon fruit is actually a fruiting cactus, ...

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