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The Secret Behind Growing More Strawberries Than You Could Ever Imagine

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Homegrown strawberries are a real delight, and who wouldn’t want more of them?

With this quick and easy guide, I will show you the secrets behind incredible strawberry harvests.

No fluff and no padding, just my top tips. So let’s get straight to it.

Tip 1 – Fertilise

Fertilise Strawberries Regularly
Fertilise Strawberries Regularly

Fertilising strawberries is essential if you want the greatest yields possible.

I like to make feeding my plants as simple as possible. You already have enough to worry about without wondering what to feed which plants and when.

With that in mind, I use this organic strawberry feed and nothing else on my strawberries.

I know I will only use this on my strawberries, which makes things much simpler.

Regarding when to apply this feed, I like to feed them constantly from springtime onwards.

Roughly once a week. Just dilute a capful in your watering can, and away you go.

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Tip 2 – Remove Runners

Prune Off Runners
Prune Off Runners

Runners are one-way strawberries like to reproduce, and they can be a great free way to increase your plant stock.

If you already have enough plants, prune the runners off as soon as they appear.

You don’t want your plant wasting energy creating runners when it should be putting all of its energy into producing strawberries.

I will say to allow some shoots to develop into plants every few years, just to keep your stock of strawberry plants young and healthy.

Tip 3 – Grow Off The Ground

grow off the ground
grow off the ground

One of the biggest causes of lost fruit with strawberries is pest damage and also rot from being in contact with the soil.

This is why I like to grow my strawberries in an elevated position if at all possible.

It makes it a little tougher for the slugs to get them than if they were growing on the ground.

I also always use mulch under them to keep them off the ground.

The mulch can be anything, in the photo above it is a weed membrane, but straw is often used.

You just want something under the plants so that the fruit is not in constant contact with the soil.

Tip 4 – Cut Them Back

Prune Them Back
Prune Them Back

Cut your strawberries right back to the ground in autumn after they have finished fruiting.

This helps prepare them for winter and means that they will come back stronger than ever in the spring.

As long as you don’t go cutting into the crown you cant do much damage, so really go to town!

Tip 5 – Water Well

Water Regularly
Water Regularly

One thing I have found with strawberries, and it is something that is often overlooked, is that they absolutely love water.

When they are fruiting, I will give them really heavy water every single day if the weather is hot.

Giving them plenty of water encourages more fruit to develop.

So there we have it, some of my top tips for strawberry abundance. I hope some of them serve you well and you grow more strawberries than you ever imagined this year!

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  1. Thank you ! most useful. Not had much success wiht strawberries in the past but will try again wiht the off the ground method. BTW, relieved to see I am not the only one with horsetail! Any tips for keeping it at bay, other that just pulling it out when you see it?

    1. Hi. Some companies sell horsetail by the bag. Apparently one of things it’s good for is dementia. I’m not an expert though so please do research. Maybe if it won’t go away you could harvest it. Just a thought

    2. just keep pulling them up as you see them, with as much of the root as possible. It tires them out so new growth is less vigorous. I have practically eradicated them some some of my raised beds this way. if you build any new beds, go for no dig – 3 or 4 layers of wet newspaper with growing compost on top then plant into that – for some reason they find it harder to grow through newspaper. Good luck

  2. Hello, thanks for the advice regarding Strawberries, can you recommend a good strawberry plant to buy that has a high yield? And if I plant them this spring will I get any fruit this year this year. Thank you

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