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Non-weedkiller OptionsYou can obviously use weed killers if you want to remove weeds from a lawn. But I prefer to garden organically ...

There are not many sights more daunting to a gardener than a completely overgrown garden. Weeds growing out of every possible nook & cranny, brambles ...

One of the most frustrating things about Block Paving is weeds growing in between the gaps. They can make your beautiful paving look unsightly. They can also ...

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  1. Hi Jann, I have never taken cuttings from a tree lupin before but I believe you do it in much the same way as a regular lupin. Take a Basal cutting right from the root of the plant when it is growing in spring.

  2. I honestly dont know Giles and I would be interested to find out. I think I will test this with one of my Lupins next spring and see what happens.

  3. Thanks Sue! Thats really nice to hear. Keep checking back as I have a lot of plans for new articles to write soon!

  4. Hi, yes they will. For the best chance of survival take the seeds and store them in a dry dark spot until next spring. Then scatter them around or grow as seedlings before planting out.

  5. Thank you sue!

  6. So many people swear they change colour but horticulturists say not, very strange!

  7. In all likelihood they didn’t survive the winter and therefore never came back but were replaced by a new plant.

  8. Hi Julie, I like to use them in places where you would otherwise use a plastic weed liner, so the inside of raised beds and under paths. In fact, the paths at my allotment are a hodge podge of different compost bags with a layer of wood chippings on top.

  9. Thank you Shane yes do please keep me updated. I will have a summer update out before too long followed by more regular updates.

  10. That should be fine Doreen, I didn’t even cover mine this year and they survived just fine!

  11. Still, in progress. the dragon fruit (the two that have survived so far!) have put on a lot of growth recently. I will do another update this summer but as of yet they are nowhere near fruiting but growing along happily

  12. Birds can sometimes sit on your sweet pea trellis and nip at buds and leaves. The only way to confirm this would be to catch them in the act. You could try to net the sweet peas and see if this stops the flowers from disappearing, if so then your culprits are confirmed.

    Pea weevil could also be a possibility but, to be honest, they are more of an issue with the bottom few rows of leaves and rarely affect the flowers and I don’t know how much they go after sweet peas either!

  13. Hi Pat, I would say that you will probably be okay without pruning your Fuchsia as it being in a hanging basket will restrict the size of the plant. I would remove any dead or diseased growth though whenever you spot any.

    Fuchsia are perfectly happy in the shade so that wont be a problem at all.


  14. I have no idea! I have heard about red begonias becoming paler and more pinkish over time but never heard of them completely changing colour before from being divided!

  15. Hi Angel, you don’t need to sterilise before cutting. Many people do recommend dusting the cut with a fungicide after it has been cut. Something like this will do the job:

    You can just leave the tuber on a piece of paper and allow a skin to form which is usually all they need, although the fungicide is the more prudent option.

  16. Not pruning the tree will not damage it on its own, a lot of pruning is done to promote new growth and increase harvest sizes.

    However, if there are any branches that are rubbing against each other then these should be pruned regardless. When the branches rub against each other they can create open sores which allow disease in.

    So as long as the tree looks healthy, and the centre of it isn’t too crowded and there are no obvious problems like branches rubbing against each other then it does not need to be pruned in your situation.

    Hope this helps,

  17. Hi Vikki, yes this should be fine. Just try and dig up as much of the root as possible!

  18. You could definitely take some cuttings from the broken part, but I doubt you would be able to save the whole thing. It will just take the plant too long to establish a strong enough root structure to support a lot of foliage.

  19. Hi Brenda, Do you have any photos?

  20. Hi Judy, I like to get them started really early to stand much chance of getting a good display in the summer. So February for me, obviously indoors.

    Usually around 2 weeks to germinate, and give them a good soak in some water before planting the seeds.

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