Can You Use Fence Paint On Garden Furniture

Can You Use Fence Paint on Garden Furniture?

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If you have just been painting your fence and have some leftover paint then you may well be wondering about using it on your garden furniture. But does this work? Can you use fence paint on garden furniture? let’s have a look.

Why Fence Paint Might Not Be A Great Choice

The first thing to mention is that many fence paints aren’t actually paints. They are more of treatment, aimed to both colour and preserve the fencing.

What this means for your furniture is that they don’t work in the exact same way as paints do. This can lead to a few issues when used on furniture.

Rough Surface

One issue that comes up straight away is that fence paint is designed to “soak” into the rough timber used in fencing. It is not designed to be used on smooth planed wood of the type you find in furniture.

What this means in practicality is that the fence paint will rub off your furniture a lot quicker than you would expect with normal paint.

Not Colour Sealed

One of the biggest problems with using fence paint on garden furniture is that it is not coloured sealed.

What this means is that the paint colouring may rub off your clothing. If you sit down on a bench, particularly in light-coloured clothing, then you might end up with an embarrassment-inducing brown bum.

This also means that the paint will not hold up well to contact. after all, it is not intended for this at all. I mean who goes rubbing up against their fence?

So the colour will fade quickly and stain your clothes while it is at it, not ideal.

Not Food Safe

Fence stain can have some pretty nasty chemicals in it, as it is not designed to come into contact with skin or food this is normally not an issue.

If you plan on using it on furniture, particularly a table, then it quickly does become an issue.

This is just another reason not to use fencing paint on outdoor furniture.

So What To Use?

Well, there are plenty of specialist outdoor furniture paints. One I like to recommend is Cuprinol Garden Shades. This is a real all-rounder that can be used on anything outside.

You can even use it to paint your fence and brick!

Works Great on Furniture
Cuprinol 2.5 Litre Garden Shades Standard Colours Coastal Mist
£23.99 (£9.60 / l)

Cuprinol Garden Shades gives beautiful long-lasting colour and weatherproof protection to all garden wood (including garden furniture and decking)

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03/01/2024 06:50 pm GMT

The garden shades range has a huge selection of colours and offers protection from the elements for up to 4 years.

It is also suitable for use of furniture as well as fencing. It also works well on a range of other surfaces such as brick and terracotta.

It is not suitable, however, for use on decking.

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