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DIY Trellis Ideas

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Struggling with ideas on what to use for a trellis? Let me help you out with this list of different trellis ideas!

This is a simple one to kick things off. Two wooden posts hammered into the ground with some string running across for your plants to grow up.

Here we have an arch made from old rebar. Tie the rebar with metal wire at each join and stick the bottom ends into the soil.

PVC pipe with a mesh can also make a very easy arch. Old polytunnels and trampoline frames can also be used for this.

A simple “A” frame trellis makes a great plant support. Make your own by crisis crossing thin strings of wood and screwing to a solid frame.

You can’t go too far wrong with the classic bamboo wigwam. You can also wrap string around the exterior of the wigwam to give your plants a little something extra to cling to.

Another a frame, this time made from random strips of wood nailed together.

Another wigwam but made from Hazel rather than bamboo.

This is often referred to as a cucumber trellis. People will often prop a pallet up in the same manner for a very cheap trellis. This keeps your cucumbers off the ground and gives them something to sprawl over.

Another “A” frame structure, this time with string dangling down as the plant support. If you have an old kids’ football goal frame or swing frame, then you can do something similar, too.

A bamboo “A” frame but with some larger bits of wood added for extra strength.

Another wigwam but this time made from larger sticks.

An interesting and different way to add support and height is to use bamboo canes to build a square tower.

Hammer some large posts into the ground and then add netting between them to support your plants. The netting can be nailed or stapled to the posts.

Another “A” frame style design but this time using large sticks.

These are often referred to as obelisks and provide a very pleasant way of adding height and support to your garden.

This type of bamboo “A” frame is a real allotment favourite, probably because it is so simple to build. Just tie the bamboo together where they meet and add a horizontal piece at the top for extra support.

Another frame with suspended string for your plants to grow up.

Sharing is caring!