Gardening With Kids – 7 Top Tips!

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Use Quick Sprouting Seeds

We all know how easily distracted young children can be, they don’t have the patience to wait months to finally see some seed growth. That’s why quick sprouting seeds are a great way to get children interested in gardening. They can see results quickly without too much waiting. Some recommended seeds are cress and salad (such as rocket).

Get some mini tools

Mini garden tools are a great way of getting kids interested in gardening. Having their own set of tools really helps them feel involved and can also help to build your kids sense of independence. Mini tools are great as they allow kids to safely use garden tools where the full-size version could be impossible or indeed dangerous to use.

Ask Questions

Asking lots of questions as you are gardening can help keep kids interested. It can help to make them feel they are more involved even when they can’t perform some of the tasks.

Grow Sensory Plants

Sensory plants can mean anything from bright coloured swiss chard to rustling seed pods found on dried poppies. There are also plants you can grow for their feel, one such popular plant is lamb’s ear with its soft fluffy silver foliage.

Make A Daisy Chain

Everyone remembers making Daisy chains as kids and this activity is still a great way to try and get kids interested in gardening.

Make Your Own Wormery

This is a great project for kids. The lessons they can learn from a wormery are numerous, they show recycling in action as well as giving them a glimpse into our subterranean world. You will need a large glass jar, soil, sand, some food waste (vegetables or fruits are perfect) as well as a dark place for your worms to live.

You can learn more here

Cress Head Pots

cress heads are another genius way of making gardening fun and interesting for kids. You can use yoghurt tubs, egg cartons, toilet roll tubes and even eggshells to create your own little characters.

Get Crafty

Why not try out some crochet kits, or maybe even cross-stitch kits – not gardening related but still great for keeping the kids entertained! We highly recommend crafty direct for any craft supplies!

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