Cucumbers growing up string

How to Support Cucumbers in a Greenhouse

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Growing cucumbers in a greenhouse is the staple way of growing them here in the UK. But how do you support them?

There are a couple of different methods that are commonly used. You can either use bamboo canes or suspended strings. Some people even use netting as a support.

The idea with all methods is to give the main stem of the cucumber something to grow up.

Personally, I use the string method, I used to be team bamboo, but after trying out string I have switched allegiance.

Ive got a job on to keep this little one well stocked with cucumbers
I’ve got a job on to keep this little one well stocked with cucumbers

The String Method

This method involves suspending a taut piece of string from the roof of your greenhouse to the floor.

The cucumber then grows up this string vertically.

Cucumbers growing up string
Cucumbers growing up string

This method is incredibly easy as the cucumber plant really clings on tight. Just guide it around the string at first, and then it will be away.

I run one piece of string the length of my greenhouse from the ceiling. I then tie all of my vertical strings onto this and drop them to the floor.

You can see how the cucumber twists around the string
You can see how the cucumber twists around the string

Bamboo Canes

I use a singular cane per cucumber. I sometimes grow my cucumbers in grow bags, so I just pop the cane a couple of centimetres into the soil.

This is to hold it in place, all of the strength from this structure comes from the cross beams.

My cucumber setup
My cucumber setup

So I have a bamboo cane for each plant, each of these canes just about touches the roof of my greenhouse (roughly six-foot-high).

The canes are all tied in together
The canes are all tied in together

Then along the top, I run a can horizontally. This cane is tied into each of the individual canes and also into the roof of the greenhouse.

I use metal plant ties to tie everything together.

This leads to a very strong structure that is cheap, quick to build and more than strong enough to take cucumber-laden plants easily.


When growing with this method, train your cucumbers and take out any side shoots. Otherwise, you will end up with a jungle in your greenhouse.

Trust me; cucumbers love growing tons of leaves. I will provide a quick guide to training cucumbers, but you can find a more detailed guide here.

The cucumber is now supported by the cane
The cane now supports the cucumber

I tie the main stem of the cucumber to the cane. Leaving it loose to allow for growth.

As the cucumber becomes well supported at the top, I will remove some ties nearer the bottom.

It is important you don’t tie this too tight as it can restrict the plant’s growth.

They can also rub and cause a scab where disease can enter your plant.

Sideshoot on a cucumber
Sideshoot on a cucumber

Also, trim off all side shoots, so all the plant growth is off the main stem.

Cucumbers love sending out side shoots, but they are unnecessary and take up the plant’s energy.

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