Radish Seed Pods

Radish Pods – Have You Been Missing Out?

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We all know radish is a quick and easy root vegetable to grow, but have you been missing out by not letting it go to seed and harvesting the pods?


What Are Radish Pods

Radish Pods On A Plant
Radish Pods On A Plant

Radish pods appear after the plant has flowered. They contain the seeds of the plant, much like a pea or a bean does.

We don’t often see these pods as the plant is usually harvested for its root long before any flowers get a chance to form, never mind the seed pods.

But I’m here to say that you should let some of your radishes go to seed next time you grow them and give the seed pods a try.

How To Eat Radish Pods

Radish Pods in a Curry
Radish Pods in a Curry

You can eat them raw, straight off the plant, or cook them in a variety of ways.

They taste just like radishes but a little milder.

They can even be pickled and saved for later, making them a versatile crop.

From a quick bit of online research, it seems that radish pods are very popular in Punjabi cuisine.

Check out this Aloo Moongray recipe here.

Other Benefits

Radish Flowers
Radish Flowers

The flowers on radish plants can be quite pretty, so you will get to enjoy them as an added benefit.

Even better, though, is that pollinators love these flowers, so by letting them bloom, you will be inviting many pollinators into your garden.

As you radishes are most likely growing in the middle of your veg beds, you will also be getting the pollinators right where you need them most.

Pod Varieties

If you fancy growing radishes for their pods, then why not give one of the pod varieties a go?

These radishes have actually been specially bred for tasty pods rather than roots.

Real Seeds sell the rat-tail radish, one of the tastiest pods about.

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  1. I’m going to try this, as I have loads of Radish come up, and will Possibly be sick of them, by the time they are half way through. Thank You.

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