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The Best Organic Fertiliser Trial!

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I have lots of trials in the works this year, and I have just kicked one off. This one will be testing lots of different organic fertilisers.

The Setup

So, what does this trial entail? Well, I will test these different organic feeds to see how well they grow crops. The crop I have chosen is runner beans; they are a notoriously heavy feeder, so it should really push these feeds.

I will be growing some runner beans (Lady Di) in containers. They will then all be fed with one of the feeds in the trial.

I will see how they grow and also weigh the harvest of each container so we can see how much each produced.

I want this to be as fair as possible, so I am doing my best to make everything even. With that said, though, it is not taking place in a lab but on my allotment. So some things may be out of my control, but I am trying to make everything as equal as possible.

The compost has been mixed in my wheelbarrow, so each container gets the same mix. Even if I bought the same compost, there could be differences from bag to bag, so I placed it all in my barrow and mixed it up.

The Compost Mix
The Compost Mix

Then all the containers are going in the same spot. It will be in full sun, and they will be in a row facing due south, so no container should get any more sun than another.

And finally, all of the plants have been grown from seed by me. They have been started simultaneously and sown into the same compost. Even still, there are differences in size, so all the plants will be assigned to a pot, mixing up the smallest and largest to make it as fair as possible.

The Competitors

So what’s in the test?

The Fertilisers
The Fertilisers
6X Chicken Manure
Blood Fish & Bone
Rocket Gro Plant Fuel
Miracle-Gro Organic
Origins Organic Plant Food
Organic Seaweed
Apsley Farms Natural Plant Food
Natural Grower Plant Food

So what do you guys think? Which one will win? Will there be much of a difference? Let me know in the comments below. And don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter if you haven’t already to keep up to date with these trials and more!

Sharing is caring!