What Veg To Sow In February

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Even though it can feel like we are still in the depths of winter, there are quite a few veg seeds you can sow in February.

The days are getting longer, and spring is just around the corner. This is the time of year I start to get excited as the growing season slowly comes around again.

But what vegetables are suitable for sowing in February? The list below will help you out.

Traditional Crops To Sow In Feb

These are the crops you would traditionally expect people to start around this time of year.

I have split this list up like this as lower down. I have some crops you can start early indoors if you have the right set-up, grow lights, heated mats etc.

Broad Beans

Broad Beans With Box
Broad Beans With Box

These can be sown outdoors if your soil is workable.

Workable here just means not frozen solid and not a big wet bog!

Broccoli (sprouting)

Sprouting Broccoli In pots
Sprouting Broccoli In pots

Sprouting broccoli can be started off in February if you have a covered spot like a cold frame or greenhouse.

Plant out in a root trainer or deep module tray and grow them on inside for a couple of months before moving them into their final position.


My Garlic Bed
My Garlic Bed

If your soil allows it, i.e. it’s not frozen or turned into a pond. Then you can plant garlic bulbs now.

February and March are the latest months you will be able to plant garlic, so if you’ve not done it yet, then get on with it!


Loose Leaf lettuce
Loose Leaf lettuce

If you want a nice early crop of lettuce, you can think about sowing it now. It will need a little protection. Something like a greenhouse or even a cold frame will be fine.

I like to sow in a module tray or root trainer and then transplant them outside, usually in march, but it is weather dependent.

If you have room, you can grow them to full maturity in a polytunnel or greenhouse. They won’t complain.


Onions Growing in a Raised Bed
Onions Growing in a Raised Bed

You can start sowing onions under cover now. Sow in trays and then move them out next month.

I like to multi-sow my onions. That means I sow a few seeds per module (4 or 5) and then grow them as a clump.

If you don’t fancy getting your onions going this early, you will be better off planting sets later in the year.


The same instructions apply as with the onions above. Sow in module trays under cover and then move them outside next month.


For me, it is still too cold to sow peas outside, although those of you further south may be able to get away with it.

This doesn’t mean I can’t sow peas, though. I again sow them in a root trainer in the greenhouse and move them outside in march.

Young Pea Seedlings
Young Pea Seedlings


You can start to think about sowing carrots outdoors if you have a protective cloche or live in the south.

Varieties like Amsterdam Forcing are perfect for early sowings.


Beetroot can be started in a greenhouse or even outdoors if you live in a warmer part of the isles.

I like to start mine in a module tray in the greenhouse before planting out near the end of March.


Again, another hardy plant that can be started outdoors if you live in the south or in a greenhouse if your conditions aren’t that forgiving!


Lots of brassicas are coming into sowing season now, Cauliflowers, Cabbage and broccoli can all be sown in the greenhouse.

Early Indoor Starts

You can start some seeds indoors early if you have the right setup.

This is great for plants that have a long growing season and don’t always have enough time to reach full maturity in the UK climate.

You will need a propagator, a heated mat and a grow light to have the best success possible!


Sweet Pepper Seeds
Sweet Pepper Seeds

Pepper plants (spicy and sweet) take a long time to reach maturity. This can often lead to disappointing harvests when grown in our shorter seasons here in the UK.

One way to counter this is to start them off indoors much earlier than you would be able to normally.

This means that when it comes to planting your peppers out, they are already large, developed plants, not young seedlings.

Sow in a propagator and use a heated seed mat to give the best germination rates. You won’t want to be moving these to the greenhouse until all risk of frost has passed, so make sure you have space to grow them indoors when they get larger.

I use some cheap LED grow lights to ensure my indoor seedlings get adequate light.

Learn more about how I sow my peppers here!

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Indeterminate Tomatoes Grow As A Vine & Continually Produce Tomatoes
Indeterminate Tomatoes Grow As A Vine & Continually Produce Tomatoes

If you want an earlier tomato crop than usual, you can begin to think about sowing your seeds in February, as long as you have a good spot to grow the seedlings.

I grow mine under lights indoors, this helps me get a good start.

One problem I can have growing in northern England is that an early frost in autumn can kill my tomatoes before I have finished harvesting.

By starting a little earlier, I just extend my season by a few weeks, giving me more time to harvest.


A lot of the same rules that apply to Tomatoes also apply to Aubergines – they are closely related, after all!

Sow indoors and use a grow light if possible; you will need to have lots of space to grow these indoors as they will get quite large before it is warm enough for them to go out into the greenhouse.


How To Sow Onions Right Now
How To Sow Onions Right Now

I like to give my onions a good head start (as they take so long to grow from seed!) so I sow them indoors in January and feb.

You can learn more here.

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