Tomatoes Growing Up String

Why I Will Only Grow My Tomatoes Up Strings From Now On!

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Last year I supported my tomatoes with string, rather than bamboo canes or stakes.

It was so easy and effective that I would never go back to using stakes. Here’s why.

Easy To Setup

Tie the string round the base of the plant
Tie the string round the base of the plant

Getting your supports set up and ready is really simple with string.

You just need something at the top of your greenhouse/polytunnel or even outdoor bed which you can tie some string to.

In my polytunnel, I run a length of string across the top from one side to the other, I then tie a string to this dropping it vertically for each tomato plant.

A String Supporting Other Strings
A String Supporting Other Strings

You can then tie the string round the base of your tomato plant once it is large enough to need support.

Easy To Train Your Tomatoes

One of my tomato plants, supported by string
One of my tomato plants, supported by string

Training your plants to follow the string is really easy. You don’t need to tie them in as you do with bamboo canes or stakes.

Just twist the plant around the string as it grows. That’s it.

If your plant doesn’t feel properly secure, then you can obviously tie it in, but I often found that I didn’t need to.

Provides a Lot of Support

More Tomatoes Growing Up Spring
More Tomatoes Growing Up String

Growing your tomatoes up string provides them with a lot of support.

Because they become entwined with the string they are supported by it incredibly well.

There is no chance of them breaking free from the support, as can sometimes happen with canes/stakes.

Can Lower Your Plants

Tomato plants starting to be lowered
Tomato plants starting to be lowered

This is a little trick that commercial growers use a lot.

As the tomato plants begin to reach the top of the greenhouse, they will reduce some of the tension on the string.

The plant then starts to bend at the bottom, giving it more room to grow vertically.

This can be done a lot, leading to plants where the bottom is almost laying along the ground.

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  1. Hi great tips. Thankyou what I don’t get when growing tomatoes is to”pinch out “ I have no idea where on the plant to do this and what am I pinching. Can you explain please.

  2. Great tip – defo going to try this, hopfully it works just as well with Beef Steak Toms 👍

  3. My preferred method too. But I use a short cane to start the plant off, then tie my strings to the top of the cane rather than around the plant stem. This can become constricting as the plant grows. I also use a jute string. I used to use a plastic based string but it breaks down in ultra violet and I was forever picking bits of plastic out of the soil. This isn’t a problem with a natural material.

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