How to Train Cucumbers

Cucumbers are a staple of British allotments, found growing in greenhouses and polytunnels up and down the isles, with a few hardy species even growing outdoors. These fast-growing plants are eager to grow, but they require proper support and training in order to maximise your yield. So how do you ...

What Makes Cucumber Bitter Tasting?

Cucumbers are easy to grow and provide tons of fruit, so they sound perfect, but homegrown cucumbers can have a dark side, a very bitter dark side. If you have ever bitter into an intensely bitter cucumber then you will know just how disgusting they can be, but what causes this bitter taste? And ...

How to Grow Cucumbers in Grow Bags

I always use grow bags for my greenhouse cucumbers. In particular, I like to use the Tomatorite giant deep fill bags. You can find them on Amazon here, although I will say you will find them much cheaper in a garden centre or, like me, Homebase.So why would you use a grow bag for ...

Should I Pinch Out Cucumbers?

Cucumbers grown in the greenhouse should be grown vertically up a trellis, string, cane or other support structure. When you are training your cucumbers into growing up support you will have no doubt wondered what you should do with side shoots. Should you pinch them out? Well, let me answer that ...

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