How to use Postcrete

How to Use Postcrete

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Postcrete is a really way to stick posts into the ground. But it is not always obvious to people how to use it. Using postcrete is very different from using concrete. That is where this quick and easy guide comes in, showing you exactly how to use postcrete with step by step photos taken on my allotment!

Step By Step Guide to Postcrete

So let’s get into the postcrete guide. This is just how i use postcrete and it has always worked well for me. It may not be the way everyone does it, but postcrete is faitly simple to use so follow this guide and you wont go far wrong.

Supplies Needed

  • Bag of postcrete (one bag per hole is commonly used)
  • Water
  • Spirit Level
  • Something to aerate the postcrete with (E.g a metal bar or garden spade)
  • Spade for digging

Step 1 – Dig a hole and insert your post

dig a hole

So we start with the obvious, dig a hole and put your post in it. You want to dig around the post quite a way so you have plenty of room for the postcrete mix.

How deep you need to go will depend on the soil you have. If your soil is really wet and boggy you might want to dig a lot deeper in order to secure the post properly.

Step 2 – Half fill the hole with water

Now fill the hole half the way up with water.

Step 3 – Pour in the bag of postcrete

pour in the bag of Postcrete

Now its time to pour the full bag of postcrete into the watery hole. You use one bag of mix per hole. If you are on poor ground and need a larger hole then you mgiht need to get a few extra bags.

Step 4 – Add a little more water

Pour in a little more water

No just put a little more water over the top of the mix to help the water soak in. Dont go overboard here, we dont want to make the mixture too wet.

Step 5 – Agitate the mixture

Agitate The Postcrete Mix

Now agiate the mix in order to get all of the postcrete wet. I just use a garden spade for this but a big stick or anything pokey will work just as well.

If you use a spade make sure to clean it properly before the postcrete has time to set!

You dont need to do this step but i feel it helps to make sure the water gets fully into the postcrete mixture. If you just leave it and let the water soak in you will probably end up with the same result but i just like to be sure.

Step 6 – Straighten the post

Straighten up your post

Now straighten the post up using a spirit level. Obviosuly some people will be more keen than others here but as long as my posts are fairly straight in all directions i am happy.

Step 7 – Hold until postcrete sets

Now you need to hold the post until the postcrete sets around it. You can stand there and hold it as postcrete does start to set in a few minutes.

Alternativley you can build a support to hold them in place. I just tend to get a volunteer to hold the post while i start on the next one though.

Postcrete Vs Concrete

This is a question that crops up a lot. I actually have a full article dedicated to this question on the DIY site I am a part of. Check it out here:

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