7 Jobs To Get Your Garden Ready For Spring

Jobs To Prepare Your Garden For Spring

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Here is a quick breakdown of some garden jobs you can do right now to get your garden into shape for spring.

If you have been here before, you know I don’t like to waffle and write a novel explaining why this is a good idea like other websites will.

Instead, let’s get straight into the tips!

1. Revitalise Garden Beds

Add a layer of compost
Add a layer of compost

This goes for raised beds and in-ground beds.

They will be tired after a hard season producing flowers, veg and fruit for you last year.

So please give them a helping hand before spring comes around by refreshing them.

I do this by adding a couple of centimetres of fresh, homemade compost to the top of every bed as prescribed by Charles Dowding and the raised bed method of growing.

You can you shop-bought compost if you don’t have your own supply. Or apply mulches like well-rotted manure or grass clippings for a nitrogen boost.

2. Start Sowing Seeds

Sowing Seeds In A Seed Tray]
Sowing Seeds In A Seed Tray

I have a full guide to seeds you can sow in February right here, but I will include some more general information here.

Broad beans, broccoli, garlic, lettuce, onions and more can all be started now.

Also, if you have a seed mat and indoor grow lights, you can start growing your tomatoes and peppers indoors.

What I Use
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3. Clean Up

Wash Your Greenhouse
Wash Your Greenhouse

Now is a great time to give your garden a pre-spring clean.

With not much going on in the garden or allotment, it gives you plenty of access to see what needs cleaning.

It is also a perfect time to find and remove any perennial weeds, as there won’t be much other life in your beds, making them easy to spot.

It would be best to give your greenhouse and/or polytunnel a good clean-down to reduce the chance of viral and fungal diseases.

4. Turn Your Compost Heap

Turning a compost heap
Turning a compost heap

If you make your own compost, then now is an excellent time to give your heap a turn.

If you are unsure what this entails and have only heard people tell you to do it, I have a step-by-step guide here.

5. Repair/Re-Mulch Garden Paths

My woodchip paths
My woodchip paths

On my allotment patch, I have woodchip paths, we have a local tree surgeon who provides free chips, and now is a great time to renew those paths.

This is true even if you don’t have woodchip paths.

Take the time to have a look around and see if there are any problems with your paths that you could fix.

As soon as spring gets full force, you will be too busy to take care of little jobs like this.

6. Take Stock of Your Tools

ARS-300-L Needle Nose Snips Open
ARS-300-L Needle Nose Snips Open

Now is the perfect time to have a look through all your tools.

Take stock of everything you have and check on them. Has anything gone a little rusty?

Does anything need a sharpen or oil?

And finally, if you are in the market for new tools, why not check out my store? This is a new store and choice is limited at the moment, but it is expanding.

I will only stock high-quality products that I have tried and tested myself.

7. Check and Purchase Seeds

Seed Packets
Seed Packets

Look through your existing seed collection and buy anything you fancy growing but are missing.

Also, have a look at the dates on your existing seeds.

Out-of-date seeds can still be sown, but germination rates will be lower than expected, so bare this in mind.

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