The Best Weed Burners

Best Weed Burners

Weed burners are a great way of getting rid of weeds with little effort, I mean, who doesn’t want to see those pesky weeds go up in flames?

But there are so many choices and styles of weed burner, how do you know which to buy? Do you want an electric or gas burner? Well, no need to panic, I have gone out and bought a handheld gas weed burner, an electric and a propane tank weed burner. I then tested all of these three burners against each other to help you make the correct buying decision.

We have looked at both electric weed burners and gas ones and then compared the pros and cons of both.

Heavy duty gas burner
Heavy duty gas burner

Gas or Electric?

This is the first question you will face when looking at buying a weed burner. Do you go gas or electric powered? Let me be honest with you here, go gas. Electric burners have one advantage over gas, and that is that you don’t need to keep buying gas canisters.

Apart from that, they are worse in every way. They are not as powerful, they are more expensive and you are also tethered by a power cord, making them harder to use. If you want my advice, buy gas. But then this brings its own question, which gas burner to buy?

There are two types of gas weed burner, big powerful ones that require a large gas tank or smaller handheld ones which use a compact camping gas bottle.

My Favourite Handheld Gas Weed Burner

This is the weed burner most people should buy. They are cheap, effective and easy to use. The larger gas burners are better at killing weeds but will be overkill for most gardens, they can also be a little intimidating to use, whereas these smaller handheld weed burners are really simple and easy to use.

Best Handheld Gas Burner
Gas Weed Burner + 4 Cannisters of Butane

Kill weeds without the need for toxic chemicals, this weed burner blasts the plants with intensive heat that instantly destroys the weeds' internal cell structures causing them to wither and die within 1-2 days.

  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Strong Burning Power
  • Need to Keep Buying Gas
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06/25/2022 09:50 pm GMT
How my weed burner arrived

Lighting is easy with a push-button ignition meaning you don’t have any need to go near the flame. One thing noted by other reviewers is that the lighting mechanism can break on these weed burners. If it does you can always use a lighter to get it going.

Ignition Button

Below you can see an image of the gas flow regulator, this allows you to adjust the speed at which gas comes out and as such the size of the flame. The connection to the right is where the gas bottle attaches. To attach the gas bottle you just need to line the tab in the lid up with the tab on the weed burner and then push them firmly together.

Gas Regulator

This weed burner is perfect for killing weeds but if you have a serious problem like me and the horsetail on my driveway then you might be better with the heavy-duty weed burner listed below.

Here you can see how burning the weed really kills it off. Above is an image of some horsetail in my drive immediately after being burnt, below is the same horse tail two days later.

The heat pumped out by the burner causes the cells inside the weed to burst and then die over the next few days. Different weeds do this at different rates, I am only speculating here but I think this could be down to the water content within the leaf.

Some weeds can take more punishment than others, so it really is worth experimenting and seeing just how much burning you need to do to kill the weed.

Watch the burners in action

if you want to see all of the different weed burners in action then watch this short video clip to see how they all work.

Best Heavy Duty Weed Burner Reviewed

If you have large patches of weeds to burn then this is definitely your best bet. Please note you will need a propane bottle to use this burner. An ideal purchase if you already have a propane tank.

This torch does not come with a lighter so you do need something to light it with, but this is easily done with any handheld lighter. The torch screws onto the gas canister so make sure your canister has the screw type fitting and not the barbeque type fitting.

Best Heavy Duty
Heavy Duty Gas Weed Burner

A general purpose gas torch suitable for roofing, road line burning, weed killing, ice melting etc This kit contains all the fittings you need to use the torch - will connect to standard propane gas bottle outlets

We earn a commission from any items purchased through this link at no charge to yourself. This helps fund what we do here!

I absolutely loved using this burner, it sends out a serious flame and absolutely destroys any weeds in its path, it makes weeding fun!

The torch comes with a regulator and also has another flow adjuster on the handle. It is a simple design with s press lever to operate, the lever operates the burner and when released a pilot light will burn to keep the torch going.

Best Electric Weed Burner Reviewed

The parkland thermal weeder is the pick of the bunch for us when it comes to electric weed burners. This weed burner is capable of reaching 600°C which is hot enough to cause the cells within the plants to burst, killing the weed in the process.

The cable that comes with the burner is only 5m so you may need an extension cable to use this tool. As with all garden tools, we recommend you use an extension cable with an auto cut out in case of damage.

Best Electric Weed Burner
Parkland® 2000W Electric Weed Burner

easy to use electric weed burner with two nozzles.

  • Never Runs Out of Fuel
  • Cheap to Run
  • Lower Burning Power
  • Limited By Cord Length
We earn a commission from any items purchased through this link at no charge to yourself. This helps fund what we do here!

The Parklandburner features a protective shroud as many of the burners do, this allows the heat to be targeted and reduce the damage to any surrounding plants. One major advantage the electrical burners have over the gas is that they don’t use up and consumables, you won’t be eternally changing gas canisters. This burner also comes with a concentrator nozzle which can help funnel the heat into a much smaller target zone.

We did, however, find this was very slow to kill weeds, it will do it, but you will be standing there a while.


How to use a weed burner?

  • Clear the area of any debris that may catch fire.
  • Light your torch (or turn it on with electric models!) and then slowly pass the flame on top of the weeds.

What is a weed burner?

An electric weed burner or gas-powered weed burner is an easy way to remove weeds without chemicals. They are particularly handy in areas where there is no risk of burning the adjacent area ( Such as paths and driveways).

Gas or electric weed burner?

If you are only doing small areas then an electric burner will probably be more suitable. If you want to cover a large area such as a driveway and want to do it quickly then a gas-powered burner will be the better option.

What does a weed burner do?

Burn weeds! A weed burner heats up weeds to the point where the cells inside the weed burst, leading to the death of the weed.

Why use a weed burner?

The main advantage of a weed burner is that it is chemical and toxin-free. It is an easy, hands-off way to kill weeds without having to use chemical weed killers. This is great if you have pets or young children who may end up ingesting any weed killer you put down!

Can a gas burner be used to char wood?

Yes, the gas burner would work well for this. Just be careful not to overcook it!

Is a weed burner good for patios?

Yes, a weed burner is ideal for use on surfaces such as patios. It will kill the weeds without gaming the patio. Once you’ve killed off all the weeds in your patio why not give it a good clean? read our guide to the best patio cleaners.

How to remove weeds with a torch


  • Clear the area of any debris that may catch fire.
  • Light your torch (or turn it on with electric models!) and then slowly pass the flame on top of the weeds.
  • Avoid deflecting the heat towards any plants you want to save. Most weed burners come with a shroud that helps you “Aim” the heat.
  • Turn and burn the roots if possible, this will greatly increase your chances of killing the pesky blighter off for good!
  • Never burn a poisonous plant as the smoke can provoke reactions in some people.

Top Tips

  • Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Clearing debris is essential in summer to reduce the chances of the fire spreading.
  • If using a gas weed burner then always store the fuel in an upright position.

Are weed burners any good?

The short answer is, yes! The long answer is a bit more complicated, your intended usage will decide how useful or ‘good’ a weed burner is. If you are just intending to burn small areas of weeds then a weed burner is great, it will do this job perfectly. If you are hoping to clear a huge area of weeds then there are definitely better solutions. But for people who want to clear a few weeds from a path but don’t want to use chemicals or toxins then a weed burner is an absolutely perfect solution.

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  1. I purchased the burner first referred to in the article. It has failed just short of 12 months of purchasing and frankly very little use. The seller and Amazon only warranty it for 30days!! Clearly NOT that top of the range.

  2. Hi Daniel. Wouldn’t mind a heads up on why my comment on the burner left yesterday did not meet approval and has been taken down.
    I came across your reviews as I researched a possible replacement to my defunct one and made an honest comment based on my experience.

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    KEVIN ANDREW JOYCE 04/08/2021 at 5:34 pm

    I am going to shortly purchase a gas burner. I have had an electric one for a while and while it is ok, I feel it will take me days to do my drive and I only did it a month ago. It appears that the gas style burner will be more appropriate for my needs. One thing to mention about the electric one. Mine came with a round nozzle and a more concentrated pointed end. The warning here is…once you have fitted one of the nozzles they seem to weld themselves on and cannot be removed. Fortunately, I fitted the longer nozzle on mine and my mum’s has the other type meaning I can use both! Great but too slow.

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