The Best Weed Burners

by Daniel | Last Updated: 02/12/2019

Weed burners are a great way for getting rid of weeds with little effort, plus who doesn’t want to see those pesky weeds go up in flames? Here we have researched the best weed burners and laid it out into a simple article. We have looked at both electric weed burners and gas ones and then compared the pros and cons of both. These tools are gaining in popularity due to there ease of use and the fact they require very little effort to use effectively.

Best Gas Weed Burners

Our Pick
Gas Weed Burner Gas Weed Burner

The Garden Weed Burner is lightweight and portable and has an easy and safe operation. Environmentally friendly, the adjustable flame reaches temperatures up to 1300oC and is ideal to kill targeted weeds on patios, shingle areas, rockeries and driveways.

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If you want serious weed-killing power then gas is the only option. This is perfect for large driveways and is very portable. This burner can emit a temperature of up to 1300°C, more than 2x the max output of the best electric burners. This gas weed burner uses propane gas canisters which are cheap and readily available. We had a lot of fun using this burner, you may end up finding that you spend a lot more time getting rid of weeds than you ever thought possible.

Best Electric Weed Burners

Hozelock Green Power Thermal Weeder Hozelock Green Power Thermal Weeder
The Green Power Thermal Weeder provides an ideal alternative solution for controlling weeds on driveways, paths & patios, and because it is chemical-free, there is no need to keep children and pets away following treatment.
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The Hozelock thermal weeder is the pick of the bunch for us when it comes to electric weed burners. This weed burner is capable of reaching 600°C which is hot enough to cause the cells within the plants to burst, killing the weed in the process. The cable that comes with the burner is only 3m so you will need an extension cable to use this tool. As with all garden tools, we recommend you use an extension cable with an auto cut out in case of damage.

The Hozelock burner features a protective shroud as many of the burners do, this allows the heat to be targeted and reduce the damage to any surrounding plants. One major advantage the electrical burners have over the gas is that they don’t use up and consumables, you won’t be eternally changing gas canisters.

Which is best, Gas or Electric weed burner?

We would recommend the gas burners. The higher temperature they can reach makes them much more effective at killing weeds.


Best way to use a weed burner?

What is a weed burner?

An electric weed burner or gas-powered weed burner is an easy way to remove weeds without chemicals. They are particularly handy in areas where there is no risk of burning the adjacent area ( Such as paths and driveways).

Gas or electric weed burner?

If you are only doing small areas then an electric burner will probably be more suitable. If you want to cover a large area such as a driveway and want to do it quickly then a gas-powered burner will be the better option.

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